My privacy policy: a gentlemen agreement


If this policy looked like any other would you even read it?

So why would I write something you don't care to read just to cover my backside? That goes against the very things I believe into and do here.

So here's my deal: I'm being honest about what's going on and I'll keep to it. Hopefully we can both do that.


virtual handshake

About this website

As far as the website goes there's primarily 3 things going on:

  • a mailchimp newsletter to which you have to sign up so if you haven't nothing to worry about
  • disqus to leave comments on the blog, which again if you don't leave comments you don't need to care about
  • google analytics, which doesn't have any personal information, just record the visit so that I can have a clue about what I can improve (it'd be a lot easier if told me, but that's another story)
  • heap analytics, which is another analytics apps that helps me get a better handle on stuff like signup flow or if booking a call is working smoothly for people. Again no personal information are stored

That's it. Amazon S3 is where I host the content but they are static pages and I DON'T EVEN USE COOKIES. YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. NO COOKIES. Mindboggling in this era I know, but hey, hopefully you got value anyway.

For the newsletter I don't do much more than sending you the stuff I write and an occasional email.

In any case I don't resell your data to any 3rd party or anything like that.

About the mentoring and SoHelpful calls

As you probably know I'm into helping entrepreneurs and part of doing that takes place on calls and a mentoring program.

For booking calls I use a 3rd party service called SoHelpful built by my good friend Kevin. The site asks you or things like your email or phone/skype in order to connect us, but again it's just about facilitating that conversation. If you want to know more about you can read his policy.

For the mentoring program right now it's in Google docs, down the line might become a tool, but I'll update you if it does.

The information you share with me as part of the process are entirely at your discretion, but of course I'll keep it to myself. The most I might do is to use them as inspiration for some blog posts, vaguely referencing some of the key learnings, in the hope that other people might learn from the experience. I will ask for permission if I reference anything substantial and otherwise that's all in the open, you can always call me out.

If you really insist

But Spike you might say, this is all fluffy an nice, but I really want the hard to understand lingo to wreck my brain on, please help me!.

Ok ok, I don't know I can do quite that bad, but the people at Iubenda have a nice tool to create more serious policy so here it is, enjoy:

Privacy Policy